About Odense Central Library


Contact information:
Odense Central Library
Information and switchboard
Phone:  66 13 13 72


The Main Library is placed near the railway station, while there are another eight departments located in the suburbs of Odense.


More than 1 mio. materials are available at the library.



Materials available at the library

  • Books, periodicals, magazines
  • Newspapers, Danish and international - also available online
  • e-books, i.e. full text information, via
  • Information databases, online
  • Music, download via the


Services available at the library

  • Cultural activities, concerts, lectures and more
  • Information on The European Union via Europe Direct
  • Fax, photocopies, and print-outs. Please, ask at the library for current charges.
  • Free leaflets about current issues
  • Free Wi-Fi


Computer use at the library

You are able to use public computers at all libraries under Odense Central Library. Via the computers you can access the internet. Most computers will have to be booked in advance. Booking takes place in the different departments. You are not allowed to use the computers to search for racist, violent or pornographic content.


Directions from the library staff must be followed at all times.


Register and get a free library card

A person registered in the Danish National Register (Det Danske Folkeregister) can get a library card for Odense Central Library. If you wish to register, please go to your local library under Odense Central Library. Here you will need to show your health insurance card (sygesikringsbeviset) or other valid ID showing your Social Security Number. Hereafter, the health insurance card will function as your library card. However, it is possible against payment to get a specific library card. Children below the age of 14 will receive a specific library card when registering. This card is free.


A person residing outside Denmark and others who do not have a health insurance card can get a library card if they are able to show valid ID (passport, white card or equivalent).


Kindergartens, companies etc. in Odense are able to get a special library card. Certain rules apply. Please ask at your local library.


If you lose your library card, you must immediately report it missing at your local library to prevent misuse. Lost or damaged library cards can be replaced against payment (please refer to the rate overview).


If you change your e-mail address or phone number, please let us know. You can also change the information yourself by logging on to the self-service section at using your social security number and your pin-code and edit your profile.


Loans and loan periods

You are able to use your health insurance card/library card in all departments under Odense Central Library. You are free to loan library materials. However, certain materials can only be used at the library. You are able to borrow most materials for a period of 30 days. Some materials may have a shorter or longer loan period. You can see the loan period at the receipt you will get when borrowing the materials or check your own personal status on the library website,

You are able to renew most materials up till 5 times, if others have not booked it. You are able to renew materials via the library website or by using the self-service machines at the library or by calling the library.

If loans are renewed or returned after the stated date of return, you will have to pay a fee (please refer to the rate overview).
You will pay one fee for all materials with the same expiration date, if they are all returned at the same time.


Borrowers above the age of 18 years can sign up for a reminder service, where an e-mail or a SMS will be sent 3 days prior to the date the loans will expire.


Furthermore, parents/guardians can – by personal appearance - register children below the age of 18 years to this reminder service. Parent’s/guardian’s e-mail address or alternatively the child’s own e-mail address can be assigned to the service. Parent/guardian holds the responsibility for loans made by children/adolescents below the age of 18 years and will be held liable with regard to fees and replacement.


Exceeded loans - late charges - See the rules and regulation folder here.


Lost or damaged materials

Your library card is strictly personal and you are liable for all materials borrowed with the card. The library is not to be held liable for any damage caused by materials (e.g. videos or CD-ROM) to your playing devices. Lost or damaged materials must be replaced in accordance with current value or assessment price. When determining the replacement cost, the price of preparation and the price of e.g. annexes will be added.


In case of multi-volume works, which are only sold in sets, the library can claim to have the entire work replaced – also even if only one volume is lost/damaged.
You will not have to pay the copyright fee when replacing videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS and CD-ROM). Replaced materials are still library property. In case you return replaced materials to the library within 1 year from the date of replacement, the library will refund the amount of the replacement if the material is fully intact and you are able to show the receipt.

The library holds the right to withdraw a person’s right to borrow materials temporarily in case of misuse and in case of lack of payments on 300 kr. or more. Theft of library materials will be reported to the police.

Make good use of your time...

...and log on to the library's wireless internet while waiting for the bus or train, when doing group work at the library etc. We have free Wi-Fi.





You can access Odense Central Library's subscription databases free of charge, e.g. news papers, encyclopaedias, magazines and article-databases.

If you live in the municipality of Odense and are a registered library user you can also log on to many of these databases from your own PC at home, free of charge.


Please note that many of the materials mentioned above are in English!

The small print...

Misuse of any kind of the e-resources is illegal. Only copying or printing for personal use is permitted.


Print and copy at the library



You are able to print and make photocopies at the library. In order to do so, you will have to buy a print/copy card, which will give you access to the self-service system.

Purchase of print/copy card: 20 kr.

Making black/white prints or copies: 1 kr. per page.

Making colour prints or copies: 5 kr. per page.


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